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Beer of the Week: The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest

Beer of the Week: The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest

Another great beer from Colorado, Avery Brewing Company makes an especially delicious Imperial Oktoberfest. An intensified version of a traditional Oktoberfest, the deep copper color and rich malty but balanced flavor makes it a great choice for a winter evening.

You Run… But Are You Really Fit? – Strength Circuit Edition

You Run… But Are You Really Fit? – Strength Circuit Edition

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I started the You Run… But Are You Really Fit? series last month to help provide ideas and inspiration for movements that runners (and everyone else) should be doing to create a balanced training plan.

As I said in the last post from this series, there are lots of runners who log endless long, slow miles and wonder why they are getting injured and/or not seeing results (not getting faster, not losing weight, not meeting goals).

Strength training helps reduce muscular imbalances, protects joints and is essential to any athlete’s performance.

Here is a simple and fast strength circuit that runners can do… even the ones who hate strength training!

Remember: While I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, I can’t make specific recommendations for your body without meeting with you in person. This post is meant to provide ideas and inspiration for ways to improve your training.

These movements can be done with or without the equipment. If you are new to strength training, start by doing all the exercises with body weight only, then work up to weights and new equipment.

I have been doing these exercises 3 days per week- 3 sets of 10 reps on each. It takes me about 10 minutes to do the circuit, going from one exercise to the other with about a minute rest in between each round. It is important to change your set/rep numbers after your body gets used to the routine.

I do this circuit after a short run or as the first part of a 30 minute strength/cardio/core circuit (more on that to come). I have definitely noticed less pain and better form on my runs now that I am doing strength training 3 days per week versus a sporadic/lazy 1 day per week before.

Squat to Press:






Suspended Lunges:


Friends With(out) Kids: from a mom with a toddler

Friends With(out) Kids: from a mom with a toddler

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I am excited to post the second interview in my new series Friends With(out) Kids. You can read the first interview here.

I started this series because many of my friends are new moms or moms-to-be and I genuinely wonder how to best support them in this dramatically different stage of life. I have often observed a divide between women with and without children. This is usually not an intentional or malicious occurrence, it seems to just naturally happen as life circumstances (seemingly) begin to take friends in different directions. My theory, however, is that this does not have to happen if both “sides” can be mindful of what the other woman is experiencing and needing in the moment.

I have been interviewing friends and family members with babies, toddlers and beyond to find out how those of us without kids can best support and engage in all stages of a mom’s life.

Here is my interview with Allie- mom of a newly potty trained toddler…

Beer of the Month: Dogfish Head Aprihop

Beer of the Month: Dogfish Head Aprihop

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It is very sad that this beer is seasonal because it is amazing and would be great to drink any time of year. You are in luck IF you can still find Dogfish Head Aprihop! It is not too sweet for a fruit beer and not too hoppy for an IPA… which makes it a perfect combination for a late spring/early summer evening. This beer is the reason I learned to brew my own- I wanted to be able to make a similar beer all year long since Aprihop is only available in the spring.