Drink. Run. Love. New Jersey Style

Posted by on May 12, 2011 | No Comments

They call it The Garden State for a reason… an ideal place to drink good beer, stay active outdoors and relax with good people. I have had the priveldge of doing all of these things this week, while discovering ways to Drink. Run. Love. in New Jersey.

The state is made up of lots of small, active communities, which made it easy to find an awesome 5k the day after arriving… The Lafayette, New Jersey course was hilly and beautiful and we got Cinco de Mayo inspired celebratory beers afterwards!

There are lakes and reservoires all over the state making it a perfect place to train and race. We were able to run and hike around Lake Shawnee, which is also a perfect resource for kayaking and swimming… a resource the locals take full advantage of.

Close to New York City, yet far enough away to seem like a whole other world, New Jersey is the perfect place to find great courses to run on and people to run with!

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