Fitness and Performance Training

Training programs can and should be designed specifically around your goals. As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, I provide individual and small-group training services that are effective and time efficient. Sessions are guided by exercise-science based functional movements and techniques to ensure safety and maximize results. My programs will help you take the guess-work out of training, while providing the consistency and motivation needed to achieve your fitness and performance goals.


“I have been an avid runner for many years but the thought of doing a sprint triathlon caused me to panic. I wanted to compete in one so badly, but could not even imagine conquering the swimming stage. I sought out Brennan for some expert advice and coaching on my swim. After a few lessons with Brennan I had the tools I needed to complete my first triathlon. Not only did I compete in one, I enjoyed it so much I competed in two this last summer! She also offered me cross training advice and helped me come back strong after a calf injury. I look forward to the coming triathlon season with confidence and excitement because Brennan provided me with all the knowledge and encouragement I need. I know I can call upon her anytime I have a question or just simply need that extra push!”

-Susan Jones

“I’ve constantly strived to live a healthy lifestyle. With a combination of exercise and nutrition, I love challenging myself with new fitness goals. Before my training with Brennan I thought I had achieved my peak performance. With the introduction of strength training that worked to support my marathon goals, I achieved a faster body, stronger technique, improved performance and overall an amazing fitness level. Brennan also introduced me to Yoga, which seems to have helped me stay injury free throughout the training for my recently achieved goal of completing my first of many marathons!”

-Eduardo Brenes

Prehab and Post-Rehab Specialized Training

Injuries are a part of every athlete’s life, whether we are rebounding from them or looking to prevent them. We have all been injured before, and once we heal we are highly motivated to prevent future problems. The good news is that many injuries can be prevented by correcting muscular imbalances and strengthening the movements used during physical activity. This is often referred to as “Prehab” and is the basis of my NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist certification, which has helped me expand my knowledge of creating a balanced athletic body.

When returning to activity after injury or surgery, many people are unsure of what exercises to do and what frequency and intensity to use. As an AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist I have done extensive research and attained a specific certification for “Post-Rehab” training. I have worked with a wide range of Post-Rehab clients, helping them rebuild their bodies and their confidence while improving overall strength and range of motion.

My Prehab and Post-Rehab training programs will steadily progress you towards your fitness goals while addressing any weakness and instability throughout the major joints and muscle groups. I will help you take a proactive approach towards learning about your body’s limitations and abilities as you build stability, mobility, strength, endurance and coordination.


“I have had a bulging disc in my back for a few years.  The pain is almost constant in varying degrees.  I started training with Brennan 9 months ago because I needed some form of exercise and she is an expert in dealing with my type of back injury.  In that time, I have been able to significantly reduce my daily pain through core strengthening and improved flexibility and balance.  Also I have lost 15 pounds and have been able to do more cardiovascular exercise than I have been capable of in the last 5 years.  She has shown me that I can effectively manage my back issues while adding new exercises to my routine in a structured environment.”

-Shawn Morrison